What is US Shimbun.com

 US Shimbun.com is a real-time informational site serving the Japanese communities of the Chicago-land and the Midwest, as well as visitors coming from around the US and Japan

 It features all aspects of the best of what Chicago and surrounding areas have to offer, from sightseeing, hotel accommodations, dining & entertainment, to finding a school, home, or doctor.

 The word “Shimbun” literally means “newspaper.”  US Shimbun.com is the first of its kind in the Midwest, and is receiving great popularity.  It is updated daily and it appears on the first page of “Yahoo Japan” and “Google” search engines. 

 US Shimbun.com offers something for everyone, with 17 categories of content.  Each category provides in-depth information, extended categories and related links.  It is a “user friendly” site, providing readers with extensive information on the most intriguing and exciting happenings and places of the area.

 In addition to these easy to navigate categories, the site offers message boards where viewers exchange their idea and share their own information, and expand their circle of friends and acquaintances.

 Chicago is a jewel of a city that has been generally unknown to many Japanese. Our goal is to inform and enlighten these people about this metropolitan, so that they can experience and enjoy the many facets of its beauty and wonder, and all it has to offer.  

 US Shimbun.com is owned, produced and managed by US Shimbun Co.


 US Shimbun.com provides the Chicago-land and the Midwest locals, future residents, and tourists information on topics including: current news, entertainment, sports, leisure, attractions, real estate, and more. 

 It also provides a message board for readers to share idea and information, and to make new friends and acquaintances. 


Company Overview
Company US Shimbun Corporation
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August 2005
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Please contact us at: "chicago [at] usshimbun.com".

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